Don’t Have A Browser To Download TB Patches? Use This!

May 16, 2012

The naming of this article may have no meaning if you’re actually reading this from a browser. Nonetheless, this is useful if you have a computer that doesn’t have one, or if you are too lazy to open it to get something. Case and point, when it comes to downloading True Blue patches. Corwin75 has his Patch Viewer updated for the masses.

His True Blue Patch Viewer is an application for Windows, that allows you to download game patches for your True Blue dongle and any firmware related updates. It does all of that and it’s able to send them directly to your PS3. The new v2.0.3 update brings in a lot of improvement from the initial release.


  • Download limit removed
  • Download the True Blue CFW
  • Choice ranking order of the patches
  • Ability to search a patch directly from the software
  • Send and extraction patches directly on the PS3 in the game folder (Compatible with internal & external hard drive) BETA
  • Simplified extraction when extracting on PC
  • Visualization of the region of the patch when selected
  • Automatic Update
  • Server Status

Interested? You can grab True Blue Patch Viewer over at PS3Hax.

Source:PS3Hax via Games-Hack

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