Doom Mods Ported To PS3

September 21, 2012

The first is by developer Samson who has ported Star Wars Doom. With the help of Robo Hobo’s prboom plus he has managed to make quite a nice port. Next comes developer STLcardsWS, known for RetroArch, with an abundant mod collection. All nine can be played within RetroArch’s Libretro port of prBoom.


To Quote Samson:

Hay guys I am back with my latest retro offerings and this ones a corker, its been sitting on my desktop for a good few months now so i
used my 1000 post as a reason to get it finished and packed, created a long time ago in a scene far far away(back in the 90’s).

I used prboom plus changing by Text-Enhance”>the game folder path and freedoom.iwad as a base and built up the star wars files found here and merged them into the iwad, I’ve also included the dark hour doom weapon pack in options/general just delete the 1 at the end, and restart. 

May not work on sd tvs just edit the .cfg in:

  • dev_hdd0/game/HBDM90000/USRDIR/.prboom-plus/prboom-plus.cfg
  • Screen_resolution “1280×720” and change it to:
    • Screen_resolution “640×480”

PS3 level list:

  • Level One – Princess Leia’s Blockade Runner Decks One and Two
  • Level Two – Princess Leia’s Blockade Runner Decks Three and Four
  • Level Three – Death Star Chasm and Technical Stations
  • Level Four – Death Star Detention Level and Security Station
  • Level Five – Tatooine Surface
  • Level Six – Imperial Attack on Hoth
  • Level Seven – Endor Surface
  • Level Eight – Confrontation with Vader
  • Level Nine – Hall of Legends
  • Level Ten – Dagobah Surface ???
  • Level Eleven- ????
  • Level Twelve- ????
  • Level Thirteen – CRASHES TO XMB

If you want to cheat and skip levels hold R3 until the OSK comes up and click Page down, hold R3 again to reselect joystick.

I know there is a few levels missing/mixed up but it does make a nice little by Text-Enhance”>game also it searches usb root for any other .iwad files, all credit go’s out to the the old doom modders behind star wars doom, and Robo Hobo for prboom port.


Download: Star Wars Doom 0.01.pkg


To Quote: STLcardsWS

These are the Total Conversion Mods I (STLcardsWS) have been able to get running on RetroArch’s libretro port of prBoom. With some of these mods the only way I could get them to run was by using wads converted for the Nintendo DS (I am still a noob when it comes to prBoom things so there may be a better way or just a simple edit to the original files ) I also included a Cover Pack that i made for the conversion mods that can be used in multiMAN. (I used Mclub’s Doom Cover in his multiMAN cover packs and edited it for each conversion)

** TIP: When switching PrBoom WADS in RetroArch make sure each
time you select “change libretro core” and select prBoom first to avoid
a bug that freezes the Ps3.

Download: Total Conversion Mods & Covers -RetroArch

Sources: PS3Hax & psx-scene

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