Download Game Fixes To Your PS3 With This MOD

October 12, 2012

German developers have announced a XMBM+ mod that once setup adds a FIX Package Browser to XMBM. This browser, once loaded, will allow you to grab game fixes via your PS3 without the need of a PC.

The requirements are simple. Download and install XMBM+ v0.70. Launch it and follow the on screen instructions. Then download/install XMBM+ v 0.71. After that you can follow the tutorial linked in the original source below.


Here is some info, although translated via Google, regarding this mod.

The PS3 Tools & TEAM users have prepared something BEAUTIFUL FOR YOU. By chance WE have discovered how the update fixe via the Internet directly from your PS3 and can be stored on it.

The PS3 Tools & TEAM users have compiled in ten days MANY PATCHES FOR YOU. This update fixes were uploaded for YOU to the server from maxdata755. So it is now possible to save the update patches DIRECTLY to the PS3 WITHOUT use of a PC.

This works ONLY if the desired patches have official UPDATE’s available or buildable. With patched updates ORIGINAL DISKS WITHOUT UPDATE FORCED to start. Game EBOOT patches still need to be manually copied to the PC and added to the game. PLEASE continues to provide TESTED YOUR UPDATE FIXES which are NOT available on the server!

Download: XMBM+ v0.70XMBM+ v0.71

Source(s): & ps3hax

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