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May 6, 2012

You may be enjoying the latest EBOOT patches that are being pushed out by the numerous scene teams. Searching for them can get tedious especially if your go-to site doesn’t link to them, leaving you to resort to Google. Corwin has the solution for you and it doesn’t even require you to consult Google.

He’s created an application for Windows called True Blue Patch Viewer. With this, you’re able to see which patches are currently released for the dongle and be able to download them to your computer. Not only that, you can download the latest dongle and custom firmwares as well.

The only limitation to using the Patch Viewer is that you’re limited to 4 patch downloads per hour. I haven’t tried out the app for myself but I’m guessing that the patches are hosted directly on a server where bandwith is a concern. Understandable I guess. After the four patches, you’ll have to run back to Google. Don’t be totally lazy now.

You can grab your download below.

Download: True Blue Patch Viewer (via PSX-Scene)

Source: Games-Hack (no relation) via PSX-Scene

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