DUH-D1000AA Prototype PS4 Development Kit

July 16, 2013

the DEV marked ports are for network debugging, simular to the PS3 had.

picture wise, the unit is like the DVKT-KS000K but with some differences

note that in the FCC document there is mention about three interesting things also: manufactured at SKZ Kisarazu Japan (were all PS3 prototype/preproduction models were produced), sample dates of July 2013 until June 2014 (on the 28 may 2013 application drawing) and a part number of 4-472-138-01

If you want to compare with PS3 FCC data, this psdevwiki page lists most of them in a single table : http://www.ps3devwiki.com/wiki/Talk:…dels_Nonretail

operating temperature 5-35 that’s something cool :P

FCC testing always mentions AMBIENT operating temperature, not the temperature of the highest measured component… The 5 degree lower thresshold is to prevent dew/waterdrops, while the top ambient is to make sure there is enough headroom to cool the internals.
So now you know that the console itself will be at least 40 degrees measured on the cooling ribs (with peak 70-80 degrees more likely)…

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