DUPLEX Releases Ratchet and Clank QForce DLC Unlocker

November 28, 2012

In case you haven’t heard of Ratchet and Clank QForce before, you might recognize it by it’s American moniker of Full Frontal Assault. Regardless of what you would like to call it, this title marks the ten year anniversary of the popular weapon fueled platformer, and as such it’s going to be a huge draw for fans of the series whether you are on CFW or not. For those of  you that haven’t made the full jump to one of your higher version number options, this little unlocker is going to give all you lucky hackers access to more DLC than you could ever possibly need.

All in all, there are eight different character packs that are really meant  to serve as a walk down memory lane for those that have been playing the franchise since the PS2 days. With this unlocker then, you’ll be privy to downloads like the Classic Pack, Future Pack, Miniboss pack, NPC Pack, Pirates Pack, Predators Pack, Robot Pack, and Villain Pack. Yes that’s certainly a lot to take in, but all you need to know if there’s any character you want to play as, chances are the option is there. As it would usually be, the install instructions are simply to install the .pkg file and play your hearts out. One thing I am not certain of is if this only works for the EU version, but maybe a daring US gamer will help me out. Happy anniversary Ratchet  and Clank!


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