Duplex VS True Blue

August 16, 2012

I’m pretty sure that everyone in the PS3 scene knows about the DRM protected EBOOTS released by True Blue. Most have learned that the dongle actually has nothing to do with playing 3.55+ games.

Many sceners bought the dongle and enjoyed game releases that ordinary CFW users were unable to play while others refused buying into the True Blue and waited for a free scene solution. The wait might be over…

Team Duplex has announced that they have cracked the DRM protection put in place by the True Blue developers and released patches for several games. Not after that another team, NoRePack, also come to the party supporting Duplex with their own release. Will this be the end of True Blue? Or will they simply change their DRM in the yet to be released “updated dongle”? 

Release Info: Duplex

When we first read about the TrueBlue USB Dongle we were excited about it. Finally having a way to play FW 3.60+ games on CFW 3.55 again. What a great asset to the scene everyone thought .. until people found out that this USB Dongle was solely made for cashing in! Its only purpose was to check on the DRM the TrueBlue Team added to their 3.55 Eboots. What a shame! DUPLEX to the rescue! Finally bury your TB dongle because we removed their unnecessary DRM and their Patches will now work on Cfw 3.55 without any dongle or special TB CFW. (This has nothing to do with the previously leaked 3.60 Keys).  

Release Info: NoRePack

Finally, a hero comes to kick the ****ing TB’s ass, cheers! And now we want to support dear DUPLEX with this release. Gundam stands on the ground without any dongle or special TB CFW. Works with our release: Kidou_Senshi_Gundam_-_Extreme_VS_JPN_REPACK_JB_PS3-NRP Let’s be the witness of the ruin of TB dynasty. Love & Peace! Enjoy!:)  iF u LOvE or HATe THiS GAmE, BuY iT ;]

Released game patches include: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, Dirt Showdown, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Puss In Boots, Sniper Elite V2, Twisted Metal, Syndicate, Kidou Senshi Gundam – Extreme VS, Max Payne 3

Download: PS3SceneFiles

Source: psx-scene

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