E3 Team Has Your Fixed FIFA …. Goooaaal!

June 11, 2012

The E3 Team is making moves throughout the scene. They recently came through with big news regarding their research on game patches and are continuing to keep everyone at the edge of their seats. While no major new developments have come forth, the E3 team is giving everyone just a tease.

First thing off the bat is that the team has released a fixed version of their Fifa Street 12 patch. They have released that there was a file missing with the release thus preventing the game from being fully playable. That file has now been added in and everything should be a go now. If not, just run through this to ensure that the new file is in place:

For those users still having problems, make the SPRX file gets overwritten in this directory on your HDD containing the ‘Fifa Street’ game:


Finally, some users might have to ‘Rebuild the Database’ via the PS3 Recovery Menu, if their PS3 has cached the wrong ver. code from the previously unpatched SPRX file!

The second thing is that the video that was done to demonstrate all of this has been uploaded to Youtube and shows Splinter Cell: Trilogy HD working with their methods. Check the video below:

This is some awesome progress to begin. Hopefully, the E3 team can sell a dongle that’s more attractive to users. How long will it take though, that’s something that I want to know.

Source: PS3Crunch

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