E3-Team – Is This The Final Version E3 ODE PRO

September 15, 2013

Unlike current ODE, it is not necessary to restart your console to start a game with the new team ODE E3: E3 ODE Pro. Available in two versions, it has everything to compete with the two main players in the market which are 3k3y and Cobra ODE.

Presented here in Pro version via video, no reboot is required. No price or release date yet, but if the PCB becomes more advanced or finished !, it should not take long.

ODE upcoming E3 PRO, NO NO restart and eject video released!

E3TEAM ODE released the E3 PRO testing video and pictures, All which show NO NO restart and eject BD drive, and declared the ODE waiting for E3 PRO is ending soon, as the official version of Will Be ready soon. 

The video shows E3 PRO ODE running two games Selecting using Multiman as an ISO. Play games and switch the game without Having to restart and ejecting BD drive.Which Protects the console, Protecting the drive, to Facilitate the player’s ease of use is self-evident.

Meanwhile, E3TEAM claimes E3 ODE PRO Will Be Directly Compatible with other similar products in all ISO games. No doubt, the low price and high performance worth Will mean the user wishing Will Wait To Have ODE ODE up to E3 PRO is released.

E3TEAM SPECIFICALLY pointed out aussi That in order to Prevent companies from other Trying to clone the E3 PRO ODE function of NO restart, the video link below HAS gottten some treatment



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