Early Homebrew test results with Tomtomdu80′s 2.06 VHBL

March 23, 2013

I’m sure many of you are wondering whether to update or not to 2.06 for the upcoming VHBL release. I’ve done some tests with some popular homebrews that should help make it an easier decision. 

Below you can find my results testing the compatibility of the more popular homebrews, including some that don’t work with TomTomDu80′s upcoming VHBL release. All of my tests were done on a 2.06 Vita. So far I can confirm that the compatibility with TomTomdu80′s exploit is ok, but not great. Some of the more poplar homebrew are not working. It may or not be able to be improved. I’ve personally been testing with the US version, but compatibility should be the same across all versions. You’ll want to take this into consideration when choosing whether to update or not.

Please remember however that VHBL is a usermode exploit so that means no playing PSP backups, using plugins, CEFs or anything else besides homebrew/emulators.


(note: links are to the specific versions that I tested, which might not be the latest version for each homebrew. In general, it is recommended to get the latest version, but sometimes VHBL gives us less choice)

  • PSPFILER– Popular file tool for the PSP
  • WAGIC– As always Wagic works, which is due to the fact of it being developed to run in tight environments. Wagic is a heroic fantasy card game, in which you fight as a wizard against the computer.
  • CSPSP– Nataku92′s CSPSP homebrew port of the ever-famous Counter-Strike PC title in 2D.
  • Cavestory– The popular platformer/Action adventure freeware indie game. (Leaving to Vita OS and returning to game causes no sound)

  • Jelly Car– Complete the levels without falling in this crazy car game. The point? You can change the size of your car at will, to avoid falling in holes.
  • Ragdoll Cannon– A 2d puzzle game. Shoot the ragdoll guy from the cannon. Hit the target to go to the next level. (Sound issues)
  • Vmenu– An alternate menu by developer Neur0n.
  • Bookr- A great homebrew app for reading PDF/txt veiwer.


For all these homebrews, unless specified otherwise, I am still looking for solutions, so don’t give up hope, but don’t assume they will be compatible when we release.

  • DaedalusX64 (N64 Emulator)-Its a shame daedalus doesn’t work. I tried both r777, r790 and R13
  • gPSP kai-(GBA Emulator) (Loads but issue with savegame, might be fixable)
  • SNES9X TYL (Super Nintendo Emulator)- Black screen
  • DOOM- Might be fixiable, some issues seem to occur when loading certain sound threads
  • DUKE 3D
  • HALO: Revamped
  • Slender Portable
  • YMENU & PYMENU- Ive tried everything to get these to work, but its a no go.
  • Cubic Zombies
  • Lamecraft- Failure to generate terrain and errors
  • S4inexCraft
  • Quake Arcade
  • QuakePSP
  • Mario Fusion
  • Left 4 Quake
  • Atari5200
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