EA’s E3 Conference: Mirror’s Edge 2, Battlefield 4, and Need For Speed Rivals

June 11, 2013

EA’s E3 conference featured many games, quite a few in fact! Well it would make sense being as they are a games company. but to sum it up, just in case you don’t want to read the whole lot, a few games that were announced were:

It started off with a quick showcase on all their 900 screens with some really, heavy dubstep song.

Peter Moore was the first to take the stage with a little intro on the company


The first game to be showcased was the awesome Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare…

The presenter came first on stage with zombie hat on, unfortunately I didnt get a screencap of the guy, but heres onw of the game instread:

The game is a bit different to its predeccesor, now being as you actually play a character tather than being ‘God’ and controlling about 90 different plants at the same time.

This game looks like such great fun, I cant wait to get it!

He also announced Peggle 2, which he seemed a bit over hyped for. Jumping like a hyper 8 year old girl before walking off stage.


He made a bit of a hiccup, when talking about introducing newcomers to the company he instead said ‘newcumbers’ hehe….

But the game was shown really well, looks like great fun and to sum it up… the

Star wars battlefront was showcased by DICE. Showing a simple mech suit smashing the ground. The trailer was only 40 seconds long, but that’s probably the best they could do being as they only just got the rights to star wars game a few months back

Need For Speed now, it is confirmed to be ONLINE ONLY and it features a new drop in/drop out multiplayer feature for races, and what makes it even cooler, you can help someone out by calling in a helicopter on a tablet app. But what annoyed my the most

Aaron Paul, star of breaking badis in the new Need For Speed movie. a partnership with Dreamworks and EA in the trailer, shows it multiple times amazing cars being flipped over and I nearly cried

Aaron Flynn now, and he took the stage to talk about ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’. Launching Fall 2014, they supplied a trailer which was narrated by a woman who was a bit intimidating…

After there was a worrying break, but followed was an amazing compilation of videos from EA sports games.

Do you really want to know about EA sports? I will anyway.

Andrew Wilson joined the stage to speak about a lot of things, one of which was how the AI is now ‘human like’, along with a presentation on the clothes of an NPC, and the animation of his clothes looked great, while he was dribbling a ball.

After, a new bit of tech was announced, known as bounceTEK

Unlike past basketball games, the ball between your hand and the ground was a solid animation. Now, unlike the past games, once the ball leaves your hand you now leaves the balls route up to physics.

CAM Weber spoke about Madden NFL 25 now, and he spoke about the movement fluidity on the characters. It looks great, but I can’t help but think, can’t this just be scripted mo-cap parts? Object on floor, run ‘jump’ animation’ :)

Fifa was after this with no introduction, oh, great! Drake has just walked up on stage.

Drake introduced Matt Bilbey to speak about Fifa, it showed the crowd, and also how the dodging system in the game, just like in Madden. I’m not entirely sure why they chose drake to speak on stage for 1 minute, and how much it cost EA as well to get him up there.

The game will be available on Fall, this year.

After this Bruce Buffer, the voice of UFC gave probably the most embarrassing introduction ever they had a UFC announcer to talk about the new game.

A new ‘ground-breaking’ feature known as Full Body Deformation, is where the characters face, stomach, leg, arm deforms on impact of your attack, unfortunately I couldn’t find a video for it, but keep your eyes out on YouTube!

They announced a release date, which is in Spring 2014, are you excited?

Now, Battlefield 4 took the stage to present its multiplayer. A massive 64 players joined the stage all playing the multiplayer map that is known as Seige of Shanghai was used for this game and

Upon giving the stage to one of the 64 players on stage, he made a comment saying ‘come on guys  there’s a lot of people watching tonight so let’s not screw this up, I’m PUMPED’


It shows many different scenes including the player taking out support pillars, you taking control of boats, tanks, and everything else. The multiplayer demo was truly fantastic seeing 64 players sat line in line with their faces glued to the screen.


Upon closing, we were left with one final game. And it is the one, the only, Mirrors Edge 2, and it looks great.

Faith is back! after goodness knows how long, she is back, and in the trailer it shows Faith getting 2 tattoos, so hopefully we’ll get some answers on why she has the tattoos. Is it a prequel?

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