Eboot Hacker v1.0.2 Released

April 7, 2014

Here is a new tool for a change. flynhigh09 has release a simple PS3 tool he calls Eboot Hacker that allows you to modify any eboot with specific cheat codes.

I get alot of requests for eboot codes so been working on tool too mod your eboot with cheat codes or you can add your own on last page.. Will be adding more maybe seeing how it goes wanna get some feedback.. If want a game added just ask if theres codes available for the game…

Note: Eboots must be in folder for it to build the eboot.. Also will work on other Elfs but needs to be Named EBOOT.ELF if using main tab, Ghosts tab reads default_mp.elf


Coders – Codes found
Tustin – Ghosts Eboot source

More updates on his thread here.

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