EBOOT Update From That Anonymous Chinese Dev

June 29, 2012

If those two EBOOTs that were released last week were of interest to you, more so the Saint Seiya EBOOT, then check this out.

If you recall, the two games that EBOOT patches were released for were Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle. The EBOOT for Final Fantasy XIII-2 was good to go regardless of the region of the game that you had. For the EBOOT for Saint Seiya, not so much. The patch was made for the European version. Today, the same anonymous Chinese developer has released the EBOOT for the Japanese version of the game, which will cover the game in all regions.

Thus far, this will mark the fourth game to have dongle less EBOOT patches released. With the likes of developers like oct0xor breaking dongles and True Blue making a new product, it’ll be interesting to see where the PS3 scene will be going from here.

You can pick up the EBOOT for both Saint Seiya and Final Fantasy XIII-2 over at PSX-Scene.

Source: PSX-Scene

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