EDGE Names PlayStation 2 Best Console Of Last Twenty Years

August 28, 2013

EDGE is currently celebrating twenty years as a source of gaming news and opinion. As part of this anniversary EDGE is releasing special covers for the magazine, looking at some of the most influential games in the past two decades.

Not only that but they’ve listed the top consoles of the last twenty years, and Sony’s PlayStation 2 has taken the honour of first place.

1. PlayStation 2
2. Xbox 360
3. PlayStation
4. Nintendo 64
5. Gamecube
6. DS Lite

7. PlayStation 3

8. Wii
9. Xbox
10. Dreamcast

Nintendo dominate the list in terms of numbers of consoles released, and Sega make an appearance at the bottom with the Dreamcast. It’s an interesting look at the last twenty years of gaming. Do you agree with the list, or would you switch it around a bit?

An audience with Mark Cerny
The ten best consoles of the past twenty years
The ten amendments
An audience with Katsuhiro Harada
The next 20, what lies ahead for videogaming two decades into the future
An audience with David Braben
The making of Year Walk

The Sims 4
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Cube World
EverQuest Next
Sonic Lost World

Saints Row IV [8]
Splinter Cell: Blacklist [6]
The Wonderful 101 [6]
Rayman Legends [9]
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified [6]
Killer is Dead [6]
Papers, Please [9]
Divekick [6]
One Finger Death Punch [8]
Pivvot [8]

Ten amendments
– Goldeneye 007
– Advance Wars
– Resident Evil 4
– Drop7
– Red Dead Redemption
– Super Street Fighter IV
– Dark Souls
These games are now, retrospectively at least Edge [10]s even though they didn’t print the number they refer to them in the past tense.

Ten best consoles of the past twenty years
10. Dreamcast
9. Xbox
8. Wii
7. PlayStation 3
6. DS lite
5. GameCube
4. Nintendo 64
3. PlayStation
2. Xbox 360
1. PlayStation 2

Next month is The Division, on sale September 29th


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