[Editorial] Banned PS3 users, most common questions: Answered.

February 25, 2014

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I will make this straight to the point, thus there’s not too much questions and answers to cover; than that we already explained 100 times on so many threads. Those common and irking questions like:

  • I got banned, now what?.
  • There’s a safer way to play online with CFW and NOT get banned?.
  • I’m on CFW, which tools/app could i use to avoid detection?.

“I got banned, now what?”:

Well, i know that some users rarely reads something BEFORE doing anything. I understand that hype of going online with a modified system, but then..shit happens.
Common sense dictactes; that if you are on CFW, which is a custom firmware not the original one OFW. You are under their Sony’s radar that same instant you entered into a COD lobby of infected zombies.

You got hammered, your account is lost in oblivion with 0 chance of recorevy but you can use some “unorthodox” tools and guides to get back to PSN. With a *new* randomly generated IDPS.
So getting banned is the less of your worries, i can relate too to that anger that flows in your vains because you lost everything you’ve done so far.
But hey!, you don’t need to read whole PSDEVWIKI to understand that you are entering into a almost 0 tolerance zone with a modified unit. Which by the way is not allowed.

We have a ban/poll thread = http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=46571
And this thread not so updated about risks and how back in those days you still could get into PSN without so much risks of detections like today =http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=46647

As for the tools, you know them = PS_Unban and others.
Just ask nicely and will we reply with a smile on our faces. :)
Otherwise, you could try to educate yourself, using this to feed your knowledge libido = and keep reading until your start to talk in codes with your family, wife or girlfriend. (or both).


There’s a safer way to play online with CFW and NOT get banned?:

It’s the most simple and straight to the point, response anyone could give you.

If you want to add some *extra* life-span, if you are so thirsty to get online with a modified system. Then buy an ODE device, install it and enjoy being the most cool guy in the block.
Ahh you thought ODE were free?, nope. It’s something you have to BUY to install into your PS3. In order to play ONLINE and avoid getting hammered from time to time.
Even if that happens, you could easily get it away with murder by changing a thing or 2 and keep cheating like there’s no tomorrow.

For a price.

Or if happens that you own an unhackeable one, instead of choosing an ODE for your PS3 system. You could sell it and buy a hackeable one = 2K series and below.
3K series and above = You are one of many lucky bastards who have to choose that *legit* way and you can’t use an eyepatch and play backups, unless you buy an ODE device. Again, for a price.

Please refrain to make comments about if endorse or i’m pro or against ODE’s. It’s a hardware solution out there in the market, pretty expensive but enough to satify those consumers; who doesn’t WANT TO KNOW more about that product that they own and about that marvellous world of CFW’s.


I’m on CFW, which tools/apps could i use to avoid detection?:

Like i said above, you are with a modified system. Thus everytime you go online, a simple *ping* (so to speak) will reveal your position to the enemy. So there’s no foolproof method to avoid it, just get lucky and read some more.
Zecoxao once said:


take a look at the files, *he* left us. they tell a lot of things Sony is doing in order to find out who is being banned and who isn’t . look at the third file for an example. PTL.TMP.OUT shows in decrypted form an entry under the name of MULTIMAN. you can draw your own conclusions from there

Also, i’m not sure if this should be moved to the technical development and discussion section. Feel free to move it as you wish mods

There are many other interesting threads from dedicated devs which i won’t use as source at least in this frontpaged article.
You are free to search for them or ask for them, to get a better understanding how you get spotted when you get online with a CFW PS3.
Very “techy” for some but worths the read.


Final words:

Read. Read and read more.
There’s no way to understand something if you didn’t read it before or experience some kind of problem with it.
That’s the main reason many of us are here, seeking for answers.

Back in 2009/2010 i didn’t know what JB was, i tought it standed for some Justin bieber secret code or some weird term like that.
But as a lurkerer i wanted to get involved and learn about it. Of course, i’m amazed by some releases and how some creative minds managed to get at certain point that most of us thought as impossible.

My message is clear, either you come to ask a simple question and wait for an answer or just seek for that answer for yourself. By the little help and hints other users gave you.
It’s called interaction and something rather common in a community and society.

With so much patience and love.


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