Editorial: My Thoughts on the Future of a Dying Scene

May 30, 2013

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We’ve Done All We Can

Since this site mostly dedicates itself to the PS side of things, that’s primarily what I’m going to base my evidence on. Especially with the PS3, there have been massive strides made in the past nine months or so. With the leak of the lv0 keys still hot in our hands, we no longer have to worry about any issues with firmware decryption. Every time Sony releases a new firmware, we can (and do) follow it up with a version of our own. However that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also the fact of PSP Minis and PS2 classics to consider, as well as major overhauls made to discless playback for PSX and PS3 backups. For the love of God, how many consoles can Sony’s flagship machine inhabit?

PS3 Pwned

What I mean to say, is that it seems we have done all that we can on such aging hardware. The only real untapped ground of course would be some kind of official firmware jailbreak, but given the fact that we haven’t had one since 3.55, our community looks to be quite content with needing a hardware flasher. In the past seven days alone, we’ve seen Iris Manager, Simple PS3Updates, and BwE NOR Validator conclude their development. It’s a sign we’ve reached our inevitable end.

New consoles are also impacting our scene progress. I’ll talk about that next!

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