[Editorial] Some Games turning into digital outcasts: Rules are changing.

December 3, 2013

Some weeks ago, i decided to purchase BF4 (battlefield 4) for PS3. Thinking and hoping that the final product could outperform that shi@!$ beta, we tested in October.
Sadly…i was wrong.
Reading comments in the official board of BF3/BF4. Many choose to blame that the PS3 couldn’t handle a new engine thus that’s why those textures problems, happens. (Just naming one flaw of many).
I don’t like to read one response and call it a day.
So i decided to check not only user comments but many news articles related to this game. Just to find out that we have some other titles, that currently are lost in this *next-gen* transitions.

Some time spent reading, checking and finding  that not even big websites (gamespot, IGN) try to explain openly about this matter, because their reviews are bought as those *professional* reviewers.
I will call this games: digital outcasts.

Digital outcasts:

Why?, because those titles doesn’t belong to ONE platform and developers are not showing some *love* for those who trusted in their skills.
I think BF4 is the prime example of something that shouldn’t got released in PS3.
A code to get the digital for 9.99 version of the game for PS4 won’t *erase* what they done.
I feel like a consolation price for buying something that doesn’t work like it should be.

You can check BF3 performance in PS3 and you will notice a SLIGHT difference with BF4.
So why blame PS3 hardware for shitty framerates?, glitches and textures poping out 3 to 5 minutes later while you are playing online?. (Even single player campaing suffers the same).


Blame hardware, first and THEN blame the engine:

This is typical excuse, but PC gamers are open minded enough in those matters sometimes (more tolerant?), because you actually can choose to upgrade your rig (if you have the money) and see if it works better.
While is a very different story different playing this kind of digital outcast in your console.
That’s when i noticed a flaw in many consumers points of view…

How come “The last of us” managed to squeeze, PS3 raw potential?.
I know many will beg to differ with me in this one, thus is other genre but i’m talking about something coded with *almost surgical precision* and outperfomed and put to shame many others games.

So, you are telling me that BF4; perfoms sooooooo BAD because PS3 hardware CAN’T handle Frostbite 3?.
That’s not a gullible answer.
It’s just *lex parsimoniae* in action: The law of parsimony. Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. (Thanks Phelps)

How come Watch_dogs developers (studio) decided NOT to release for this current-gen and wait some proper time to release it, next year?.
Many others decided to choose the *waiting strategy* rather than release and say: *Fu@$! thi$@!!, they will buy it anyway*.

Developers vs Current-gen:

Maybe it’s my perception in this matter or personal opinion as you may call it (which i should not expose because is highly *biased*..lol).
It’s the perfect bait for marketing whores, i mean you have the same game in this *current-gen* and *next-gen*.
So then you can compare how shi!@$ performed in your PS3 and how cool performs in your new device = PS4.

It’s not accidental.
Many are using the same marketing strategy, leaving the game half-assed for this current-gen to *sell to you* the ilusion, that 60 FPS makes a huge difference.
Let’s face some facts, porting the same game for 3/4 different platforms could drive you crazy but you could just copy/paste and make it work, that’s enough to keep the consumer bitching about it but happy at least that what he got, works at the end of the day.

You also many notice, lack of interest in releasing patches for this current-gen.
That’s it’s not accidental neither (and i know, i’m not saying nothing new).

Why release some heavy patch files to update and fix those problems, when you can buy the same game for PS4/Xbox-one?.
No need to waste more time, efforts, countless hours of fixing this and that.

I can relate with devs, having severe headaches with those virtual pariahs or digital outcasts.
Those games are currently giving more problems than solutions, so you either *kill it* by using stupid excuses or you carry that burden of facing the *truth*.
That your Company dind’t want that game to work as expected, they needed those problems to justify a meaningless; Raison d’être.

Rules are changing:

Meanwhile those next-gen consoles are closer to high-end PC with a nice case with your favourite logo.
Rules are changing for US gamers.
Some, *high and mighty* predict a shorter life-span of PS4 and funny enough, the product is NEW.
With those games that got lost in that transition between this gen and the new one, they are filling even more their pockets.
Yeah, i’m one of those to blame for purchasing one of those.

But if this are those rules of this *new-generation* of gamers:

1) Where 60 fps and 1080p are more important than a decently developed game.
2) Where next-gen have more problems than a mid-end gamer PC and you can’t do anything to fix that *blue light of death*.

3) Where you can *share everything* with others..where sharing clearly doesn’t mean *caring*.
4) Where by being careless you could live feed, what you are doing because that camera is closer than HAL-9000 but without the IA and you have check those default options, once for while.

I like the concept behind this, but…
Count me out of this pandemonium; while Vicariously I, watch this *evolve* from a safe distance.

Proof that i’m another consumer caught in a vicious cycle.

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