Emulate The PS3’s SPU On Your x86 – What The?

May 7, 2012

KDSBest has developed and released a pre-alpha build of his SPU emulation tool for x86 machines. This tool is only meant for developers, so if you have no idea what this does at this point, just turn back now and use other stuff like The Catachthonic.

The emulator works for PS3 modules such as metldr. Here’s the words of what this emulator does right from KDSBest’s mouth:

I wanted to contribute to the scene , so I coded a tool that might help the community our members and fellow dev’s.
This Tool is intended for dev’s so please be careful if you don’t know what you do. I will not be held responsible for any harm.

My tool is a emulator for PS3 modules (e.g metldr), it is in pre alpha stage but I thought, it would be great to get some community feedback.

If you want to take a look at this emulator, you can pick up your download over at PSX-Scene. As mentioned over and over, this is for developers so don’t be surprised if this does any unintended things such as crashing your computer, erasing your data, robbing a bank, etc. Other than that, it’s a coming tool for users to better understand the inner workings of the PS3.

Source: PSX-Scene

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