Epic Games President Mike Capps Retires

December 5, 2012

That being said however, Capps will not be entirely done with the popular software company. While he may not be running the show anymore, he has committed to remaining on in an advisory position for the outfit and will sit as a member of the board of directors as well. With that said, the question is who will be taking this talented man’s place at the throne. Thanks to the hiring of former LucusArts president Paul Meegan as the vice-president of development, there is a pretty clear line of succession as to where the power falls. Teamed up with operations vice president John Farnsworth it seems Epic will continue its tear to make awesome games.

What will Capps be doing with his retirement you ask? “I might do some teaching, spend more time on creative writing, and maybe get more active with a few charities,” Capps said. In addition to that he plans to be a stay at home dad “for a while” to his expected son. It’s a great thing to see such a legendary industry figure getting a well deserved break. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back at Epic sooner than we think.


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