EU PSN Store now also without PSP/PS1 restrictions! – Access to PSP Demos granted!

April 23, 2014

Just yesterday we told you, that it is now possible to download basically every PSP/PS1 game from the US PSN store to your PS Vita, if said game worked at the PSP in the first place.

Now, 24 hours later, the european PSN store has also lifted its restrictions, which allows us to download every title from the PSN store, as long as it was working at a PSP (go) in the first place. This allows the download of PSP demos and previously unsupported PSP titles.

Since most PS1 games were available in the european PSN store in the first place, nothing much should have changed in terms of PS1 game availability.

PSP demos are now downloadable – Free exploits?

The first thought about these new downloadable PSP demos is, can they be exploited and used for a free exploit at the PS Vita?

Well, technically that could be possible, but that depends on the game, and if it has been used in the past (e.g. the famous Patapon 2 Demo exploit for PSP firmware 6.20).

There are currenlty over a dozen of PSP demos in the PSN store, and one could download these to the PS Vita.

Since we are able to create backups via OpenCMA, those demos would be playable at the PS Vita forever (unless the demo has a limited amount of time(s) it can be played), as long as one uses the same PSN account.

It is currently unknown if it was intended to lift the whitelist/blacklist of approved/restricted PSP games for the PS Vita, and it is unknown if those changes will be reverted in the future.

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