Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 3

February 18, 2013

As much as I would like to be done with Sony products, something tells me PS4/Orbis is going to be the console to get this upcoming generation. I just don’t see what MS could add to Durango that isnt already on 360 besides upgraded graphics.

PS3 had potential but couldnt quite capture the magic the PS2 had. I think Sony may have learned from their mistakes, added what the competition already had, plus add their own new features. I am not a fan of Sony and while it may be true the xbox 360 community captured my attention I really think PS4 will be where it is at this coming generation. If they can’t take what was great about PS3, capture that magic PS2 had with a strong line up of games, and generally stop being a bunch of ******bags then I think they may be on to something epic. This generation will make or break Sony. They could either reclaim the top spot in the console wars, or they could become the next Sega

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