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May 27, 2012

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter then you would already know that I have been working on another installment of “20 Questions with a dev”.  Today we have a great interview with Snoweydew….

Today I’m glad to give you our 20 questions with Snowydew. If you’re not familiar with his work let me catch you up to speed.  Recently you may have read the article about his work with the EDAT NPDRM decryption and before all of that he was working on mounting PSP and PS1 games on the PS3 without the use of a dongle. Sounds kinda cool right? Well that’s why I contacted him and worked with him to get his answers to our 20 Questions.

1. How long have you been developing your own software?
I’ve been writing and messing with scripts for a while… not really “developing” however. Mostly just applying the “Base” for other people to start using it, think of someone setting up an entire dev environment extremely fast to use as a disposable type environment. Only need it for a few things, then you can “toss” it.

2. What’s your favorite development language and why?
I’ve tried a variety, and as most people will agree C. It’s simple but yet complex and it’s everywhere.

3. What’s your Favorite video game system of all time?
Oddly enough the virtual boy. Most people hated it, but for me it was an awesome system growing up.

4. What’s your favorite video game?
It’s a tie between parasite eve 1 and resident evil code veronica.

5. We all know about your work with the decryption and re-encryption of EDAT NPDRM PS3 system files, but what do you hope to accomplish from this in the future?
Well as it currently stands, it can only “properly” decrypt PSone games. When it’s all done people should be able to play PS1 games off their hard drive without a cobra dongle to do so. However the tools themselves could be applied to PSP minis and as a few people have also said some PS2 games.

6. Back in December you had posted a tweet about the progress you made with ability to load PSP games on the PS3, what can you tell us about how that project is coming?
see above :), that was purely mounting through modified .sfo files, shortly after that video, the ps3 I was using for development started to break (several thousand reflashes will do that… poor syscon)

7. You are working on a mounting system for PS1 and PSP games on the PS3, how did you feel when the Cobra Dongle came out and what do you think of the Dongles as a whole?
I thought they were both interesting and I was sorta glad people actually went and did it (regardless if it was a dongle dev team).

8. Are there any other projects your currently working on you can tell us about?
Most of my projects are on hold until I finish schooling / get a new laptop atm. (Or get another ps3 that’s on 3.55) whichever comes first.

9. We all know that there is a community of sorts operating behind the scenes of the homebrew and development world that most of us never see, what would you say the overall health of that community at this point opposed to when the PS3 was first hacked?
Well I  came in a few months late, I was only going in to help graf where I could… then eventually started up gitbrew with 2 friends of mine and… That’s how it unfolded, however real life has been busy for a lot of people it seems, at least in the past couple of months. So progress is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Things are always going to be done though, little bits here and there.

10. You used to be a part of Gitbrew but left for unknown reasons, would you like to shed some light on what happened?
Real life stuff happened, I moved out of Gitbrews headquarters and moved home, the problem has been resolved though. I’m still doing my role of sorts that I had on Gitbrew, except without the “Gitbrew” twitter account and such, and only speaking for myself instead of everyone for Gitbrew. However I do wish them luck in their other projects.

11. Developers have been banging their heads against the 3.55+ wall that has stopped people from playing new games on their 3.41-3.55 systems for some time now, do you see away around it coming in the near future?
Personally yea, however will it most likely be brought to the public’s view? Hard to tell (note this isn’t saying anyone has done it outside of the true blue devs have done it, at least as far as i know of).

12. What Dev do you think is someone to watch in the future?
KDSBest if he stays in the ps3 scene, a few other devs are massively busy and shall be for a while (Good luck on those projects though!)

13. What do you love / hate about the current state of the Mod community as a whole?
Well if we’re talking about the ps3 scene… then it is difficult to say actually. The good though is there is development being done, the bad thing is most of it won’t ever reach the public’s eyes (Mostly because people don’t want credit, and just had the achievement of doing it, nor do they want public acknowledgement for it). The developers are friendly enough, and more than willing to help. No one asks though.

14. Is there anything you would like to undo in the Mod community?
The drama that happened with Gitbrew, but that’s about all i can think of

15. Do you currently have any plans to work with the Vita or any other handheld device?
Yup, been helping where I can with the Vita.

16. What’s the funniest moment you can think of?
How a lot of people growing up called “Manga” “Mango”. For some reason I have always found that funny.

17. What’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
My son passing away on the 6th, it’s the scariest thing for any parent to face.

18. Xbox360 or PS3 what do you prefer to play?
It really depends, for anything online most definitely the 360.

19. What kind of music do you like to listen to, and what’s your favorite band?
I listen to an odd genre of music called nerdcore (nerdy music / rap surprisingly enough)

20. Now I’ll ask the obligatory stupid question to finish this off, who’s your favorite comic book character?
Most likely Deadpool, He can be a straight out dick, but when it comes to a task he always finishes it.


For more on what Snowydew is up to check out his site Twitter page and as always stay tuned to DashHacks.com.  Once again we want to give a big shout out and thank you to Snowydew for taking the time to give us some insights into his work.  Keep up the great work Snowydew and we are certainly looking for more great things from you and the rest of the talented devs that keep the scene moving forward.

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