[Exclusive] LV1 Dump for PS3 FW 4.21 Released

October 28, 2012

yep..thx man..

hey… [MENTION=210007]zadow28[/MENTION] ….stupid question> the lv2 dump u made with MM u can see in the dump at 3D9869 multiman can dump NORflash/lv2 on rogero cfw421… anyways u posted a resigned lv2 stand-alone pkg? it never dumped the lv2.bin to any usb slot or hdd0 right?

is this Lv1.bin from memdump proper rebuild/resigned?
it dumps lv1 like MM but on CFW421 MM dumps 16mb empty/0000 file, maybe this fixed

those files are +per console? cuse there’s occasionally different values true the file, correct?
meaning each ps3 dumps lv2 start at offset 100 with:


7C 71 43 A6 7C 92 43 A6 7C B3 43 A6 48 07 DA 70

then its different value at offsets 2D1122/2D112A/2E7920/2E793F/3494D7/3494E3 etc… the syscall is all identical..maybe stupid question just curious if its a string to make a key up..lol

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