Exclusive: Team E3 – All PS3 game EBOOTS to be released for free and keys to be released. No dongle required.

by ps3iso on July 30, 2012

You may have to read the heading of this post a few times to process it through your head.

Team E3 contacted us today with some shocking news, and that is that they are now promising to release:

  • - All PS3 Game EBOOTS for FREE. Will NOT require dongle.
  • - Keys (not specified up to which firmware yet, assuming up to latest firmware 4.x) to users can decrypt their own games.

To quote email:

Great news from E3TEAM

We announced in advance last week that E3TEAM will release a great news for all ps3 user.
Here is our official claim :

1: E3TEAM will release all ps3 game free in public .It allow any 3.55CFW play all the new game without dongle.
Just like the free eboot released by E3TEAM before.

2: E3TEAM will release the new key free in public . User can decrypt the new game by himself in few seconds .

Please note all the release will be free with NO pay .

E3TEAM are building a full new system to release those free gift . We expect user can join this sytem to
get what they want after 1-2 month. We will release more news about this system later.

(PS: all is for downgradable console )

The also released 2 more eboots today, SPLINTER CELL TRILOGY and BATMAN ARKHAM CITY.

Is this the start of something beautiful? Sayonara True Blue.

Stay tuned at PS3Hax for more exclusive, and less ‘D’R’M’/’T’B’/’D’O’N’G’L’E” garbage and free news :)

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