[Exclusive That’s Not Really An Exclusive] CFW And PSN Is A Reality

September 11, 2012

Sorry for the immature title, im still laughing at TBCrunch posting fake 3.70 keys as an “Exclusive”, in fact i don’t know anyone in the PS3 scene who isn’t laughing, even some of the CrunchTards are laughing at their benevolent leader :) (You can read that funny story here)

Anyhow, enough of my stupid, off topic rant, just a little message to say that dantzteam’s connection to PSN is true, it is true because the PSN Pass Phrase was recently released.

Source PS3 Dev Wiki
(Those guys have the REAL Exclusives) not some two bit wana be PS3 Scene  site.

So PS3HaX members, go be happy and have fun with your PSN time before Sony kills it again :)

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