Facanferff Promises Big Changes to Showtime Plugin

October 22, 2012

For those who are unfamiliar, the Showtime plugin is a work famously ported by a scene developer known as Facanferff to allow a ton of added streaming functionality to modded PS3 consoles. For one, it allows users to have their own custom Youtube browser, but it it even allows for integration like specific services such as Spotify as well. Given the option to use these popular services, it’s no wonder why Showtime is as popular as it is. That is why the developer himself is feeling charitable enough to offer a few improvements in the near future.

By heading over to his website, you’ll see an obvious countdown heading closer and closer to its finish date on October 23rd. Once that timer runs out, supposedly the community will be graced with what is called “a major progress in Showtime experience.” What might this update offer? Taking a quick glance at the project portfolio page, one can see that there are indeed plugins in development for Crackle, IGN, and Vevo, but there’s no telling what surprises might be around the corner. After all, Facanferff is no stranger to doing his research. He recently published some data on what users of his plugin are looking forward to most. Knowing how smart this dev seems to be, you can bet that study will have a lot to do with what might be added. Ready to get the show on the road? Check back at DashHacks on or around the 24th!


Tags: CFW, facanferff, PS3 Hacks, Showtime

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