Facanferff Releases NaviX Update

August 15, 2012

PlayStation 3 developer facanferff has updated NaviX, a plugin for Showtime Media Player. This release is packed with additions, enhancements, bug fixes and features.  

NaviX requires Showtime v3.99.448 or later. For the full nitty gritty you can check out the source linked below. Over there you will get instructions for installation and a wall of text containing the changelog and FAQ.

After the release of Showtime Plugin Navi-X 0.9, the plugin entered a long process of development to fix the problems, give a new look and make it feel fresh.

This update is a major release, it is the biggest update I ever released for a plugin for Showtime, and that being said is recommended that every user update to this new version.

A quick look in the new views
As you might have seen in the changelog, this version features a new look for list view, it is possible due to a recent feature that lets plugins have their own view files (the way Showtime uses to show the GUI), it means this view is a custom view and not from Showtime’s source code, it has been developed by myself using as model some mockups from opium2k and the guidance of andoma in terms of widgets available.

Special thanks to (Alphabetically):
– Andreas Õman (also known as andoma), for creating and maintaining the best alternative to XBMC
– opium2k, for creating mockups of both Array and TMDB views that ended being improved to the current state of them
– Tyrant, for Beta Testing the plugin as the development happened and for giving ideas in what could be added/improved

Download & Source: psx-scene

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