facanferff Releases TMDB Plugin For Showtime

November 29, 2012

facanferff who has been knocking out various addons for Showtime Mediacenter has dropped another plugin for users to enjoy. This one is dubbed TDMB, a plugin created to work hand in hand with the site of the same name. If you’ve familiar with Xbox Media Center and the information that it pulls from the IMDB, the TMDB plugin does more or less, the same thing. As facanferff showcases it in pictures, you can browse The Movie Database right from Showtime. The plugin offers the ability to search and view information about movies and cast members. Not only that, you’re able to login to your TDMB profile, where you can check out your favorites and “To Watch” list.

Interested? Before you get to downloading, make note of the install instructions.

 First of all, it requires Showtime 4.1 at least.

Method 1 (both standalone and multiMan embedded Showtime):
Download: https://github.com/downloads/facanfe…-tmdb/tmdb.zip
Put zip archive at dev_hdd0/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins
or if you use Showtime through multiMAN
– Put the zip archive in: dev_hdd0/game/BLES080608/USRDIR/sys/st4_settings/installedplugins/

Method 2 (only for standalone Showtime, thanks wizzkidd):
Download: Download themoviedb.org plugin for Showtime 04.01+ [CEX] by Facanferff.pkg from Sendspace.com – send big files the easy way
Install the pkg normally.

Source: facanferff

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