Fan-made PS Vita UI concept. What do you think of it?

April 11, 2014

Rafał Czaniecki, a PS Vita fan, disliked the PS Vita UI and decided to do some thing about it. In my opinion, it is better. What do you think?

The PS Vita UI isn’t the most attractive, or efficient UI. This industrial designer, after buy a PS Vita, decided that he might as well redesign it. Here are his project details in his words:

I’ve bought PS Vita recently and instead of playing games, I’ve started to redesign the UI over few weekends.

PS Vita original UI is such a pain for me. It have some nice animations, and sometimes looks cute, but the clash of the hardware and software is so obvious :)

Other that that, I hate how Vita tries to act like a smartphone. It’s a gaming device with games in the center of attention. That’s what I wanted to achieve – look and feel that fits to the hardware and more game-focused character.

The takes in a bit of the console XMB style, and a bit of an original style. Here is a video demo of the UI in action:

It’s great, isn’t it? So much more…better. You can check out his project page here (I would recommend) and show your support. The question: Which one do you prefer?


That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. Answer the above question in the comments, if you please. You can also contact/follow me on Twitter @The_Jay_Doctor using the handy links below. I’ve added a PlayStation mention button, if you want to let them know about this project. Maybe they could allow people to create their own UIs using PSM?

Source: CVG

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