Fan-made “Super Slim” PS3 Concept Art Released

July 12, 2012

It was nearly a week ago when an FCC filing made by Sony was discovered online that suggested a new PS3 model was in the works: the CECH-4000.  Similar to the original PlayStation, and slim PlayStation 2, this revised model of the original slim (CECH-2000/3000) is rumored to feature a top-loading disc tray, and to be notably slimmer than the currently released models. Besides the the obvious changes to console’s exterior, it’s software capabilities remain unknown and are still at question. Sony previously stated that features like cross-game voice chat were impossible to add to the PlayStation 3 due to RAM restrictions. Will the CECH-4000 come packed with the hardware necessary to support the feature? It’s possible but not likely. Even that is wishful thinking.

So what can we expect from a software standpoint? I’d like to think Sony has more to offer their fan-base than an over-abundance of security updates that enhance “software stability,” but that’s not what this article’s about, because we all know how long a discussion about Sony’s business practices regarding system software can go.  What’s really interesting is the fan-made concept art that appeared online a few days ago. The artwork released gives you a general idea of what the console is expected to look like, but remember than this is NOT official and anything and everything is subject to change!


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