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May 21, 2013

Now if you are excited as me for the Xbox event, you’ll want to know where to watch it, but just in case you aren’t sure…. Don’t worry! Minimur’s here!

Now, if you see the picture just up there^ it already shows you where to go.
or through
Xbox Live

But I when I went to watch the PS4 reveal on , the website crashed, so I wont be watching it there.

Now before you moan at me for missing some websites, of course I cant get them all! :)

Here they are:

Gametrailers are the official partners of the Xbox reveal, so obviously it will be streamed on there, so check there website out if you want to watch it on there

Like they did with the PS4 announcement, they will host a 1 hour pre-show to discuss what they want, what they expect. Along with a 1 hour post-show discussion to talk about what they saw, games, features, etc.

Oh, and Fable creator/ ex Lionhead boss good ol’ Peter Molyneux

IGN will also be hosting the live conference through their Xbox app for you to watch.

Last time I watched it, IGN accidentally gave away their skype name, and they got spammed with calls from people like Darth Vader, ‘Legalize gay marriage’ and others like Bob Marley and more controversially, Adolf Hitler.

The currently have a live blog update posted on their webpage, so any news on the next Xbox they get, they’ll update you as soon as they know.

Machinima live youtube section

On there youtube live section will host their live stream on it, but beware, Machinima like to swear a bit so if there is a pre/post show conference for themselves then it will involve swearing!

Yet another place to watch it, I haven’t followed Gamespot much, so I don’t know about their profanity rules but i’ve never heard them swear before so I don’t think there will be.

As I said earlier, comment below what websites I missed (with links of course!) so other people can check where to get it from if ALL websites crash, but I doubt that.

Personally, as I’ll be watching it on Gamespot, personally it’s because I think it isn’t as popular as sites like IGN, Gametrailers and obviously, So their stream  should be the best and not cause bad loading times. (with luck, I could treat myself by putting it on 720p)

What’s this? My blog post doesn’t include a video?

Don’t be silly!

This is Steve Ballmer, he is the CEO of microsoft and is the most mature person in the industry (totally not crazy atall, but the video is a bit noisy)

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