Far Cry 3 PS3 Install Size Revealed: 6.2GB

November 30, 2012

*Cry* a river over this one. Why always such a *tiny* detail can ignite a chain reaction of endless possible PROBLEMS?. 6.2GB?!? seriously. WTF is wrong with this people? expect some heavy wave of patches…

To quote:

While the Blu-ray drive allows for huge gaming experiences that use up the whole 50GB that the discs can hold, an unfortunate side effect is that a lot of games have to have data installed on the PS3 because the data is read slower. Far Cry 3 is one such games, and PSLS can reveal that the game will take up a whopping 6.2GB.

As the above image (taken from our review copy) shows, people with packed hard drives might want to first upgrade before they buy this game. If you live in Europe and bought a 12GB Super Slim PS3, you’ll definitely have to upgrade if you plan on buying a few more games like this – just remember you’ll have to buy a HDD mounting bracket first. If you do aim to upgrade your PS3′s harddrive, be sure to back up your content on another HDD, use a 2.5″ harddrive and take care not to strip the screws if it’s a fat PS3.


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