Faster Loading Times A SubJunk Pushes UMS 2.5.1

March 16, 2013

SubJunk and team have just released the latest rendition of Universal Media Server. This build, that requires Java 7, targets improved subtitle support. Also in the mix of changes are some tweaks to file and Library scanning resulting in faster loading times. Lastly you will notice some added support for hardware such as the Onkyo TX-NR717. Here is and quote from the source.


Note: This release requires Java 7 to be installed. It will not run on Java 6.

Changes since 2.5.0:


                • Improved subtitle support on non-PS3 renderers
                • Made library/file loading faster
                • Fixed 24-bit flac support with tsMuxeR
                • Stopped using 2 database locations for media caching on Windows
                • Allow library scanning to be stopped
                • Library scanning interface improvements


                • Added support for Sony Home Theatre systems
                • Added support for Onkyo TX-NR717
                • Improved Samsung AllShare compatibility


Upgrade Notes:


For versions prior to 1.5.0:

    • It is recommended to delete your UMS.conf file prior to installing this version. For Windows users you can choose the “clean install” option while installing instead.


For all versions:

    • It is recommended (but usually not necessary) to uninstall the older version before installing the new one. 

Downloads: Windows | Linux | OS X (Not available yet) 

Source: universalmediaserver

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