FB Alpha Retro-Loader v1.00 Released

January 31, 2013

No matter how awesome game consoles get these days, sometimes there’s nothing better than playing some old arcade games. Because they were designed for short bursts of play, many of them are still well suited for those times where you may have just a little bit of time to kill. Not to mention the simple structure involved can tend to make plenty of these titles quite addicting. That my friends is why the FB_Alpha emulator exists. It’s here to play all of of your CPS, Cave, NeoGeo, and just about any other coin op machine you can imagine. Now it can be yours on PS3!

Essentially as a product this version functions much like the Windows version of FB_Alpha with the added luxury of having it on your TV screen. This also means you’ll have full 1080p support which will make those amazing games look even sharper and more updated for the current age. As of right now, there are a few issues getting CPS-1 running well, but the developer is working to address those bugs. You can also expect more features like updated ROM headers to be coming in the future too. Now if you want to play arcade, you don’t need to install yesterday’s RetroArch Mod! Go relive the days of gaming yesteryear now!

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