FBANext v1.0.0 rev 451

by ps3iso on June 14, 2011

Emulator FBANext has been revised. More details below.

r450 Log message


(PS3) Save state slots – unlimited amount
(PS3) Save state saving/loading fixed – the filename
of the saved state was wrong.
(PS3) VSync on/off option now turns Vsync on/off.

r451 Log message


(PS3) Updated/added all new shaders to FBA
(PS3) Shader selection works differently now -
press Left and Right to select, and press X
to select the shader. Having the shader be
loaded every time you press Left or Right
can really slow things down ultimately and
is demanding on the Cg runtime compiler.

r452 Log message


(PS3) Frame_count shaders work now – water.cg/noise-mudlord.cg (NOTE -
noise-mudlord is supposed to look a bit like the noise filter in Silent
Hill with scratches and all)
(PS3) Rewritten run.cpp a bit – removing function call overhead where

Download: FBANext v1.0.0 rev 451


Google Project Hosting: FBAlpha for Xbox 360/PS3

More information here on: PSX-SCENE

Thanks to PSX-SCENE member master737373 for the news tip!

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