Feedback With DashHacks – What Do YOU Want From DashHacks?

April 26, 2013

DashHacks has a reputation for being a source almost solely for hacking and news or tutorials related to the topic.  With the websites home page description in mind (visit the home page and read the top paragraph if you haven’t) I put forward this question to you in regards to the websites content and future articles.

What content do you want to see from us at DashHacks?  Many of the staff here focus solely on hacking news across various hardware devices, while some of us write about hacks as well as news in the gaming industry.  With this in mind, what do you think the team should focus on or spread their coverage to on the website?

Any and all suggestions will be read and replied to!  If there are areas of the websites content that we can improve on then you are the best people to ask.  You, the readers, know what you want!

Consider the comments section a customer feedback box, and drop in your notes about your stay at DashHacks over the years, and what you think we should do to make you want to extend your stay.

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Chris – HolmesInFive

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