Fieldrunners VHBL update: Support for US version, and major fix for homebrews

November 7, 2013

Less than two days ago, hacker Frostegater released a port of VHBL for game Fieldrunners, compatible with Vita firmware 2.61 and below. There was initially no plan to release this exploit in the near future, but Sony patched the exploit prior to any public release with their firmware 3.00, therefore Frostegater decided it would be a good idea to release, for those of you who would like to stay on on 2.61 or below, in order to get some cool VHBL fun.

The release, given the circumstances, was done a bit in a hurry, and with an old version of wMenu, which does not actually work on recent firmwares. Several of you contacted me to mention that although homebrews seem to install fine, none of them would actually run. A patch is now out for that and should solve the issue.

For those interested in the details: long story short, old versions of wMenu attempt to install homebrews in the PSP/GAME folder, but that folder got protected as “read only” a little while ago in one of Sony’s updates for the Vita firmware. You’ll have to forgive Frostegater, this exploit was found aeons ago, and it is possible some of his files were old. More likely too, he already had homebrews installed on his memory stick, so the issue went unnoticed (since the problem only happens when installing homebrews, not to run them).

Anyway, the issue is now fixed, all that needed to happen was to replace the old wMenu build with something a bit more modern, in this case, the great alternate “138″ menu from GBOT.

Frostegater also released a US version of his exploit, for those with a US account. On that note, several people have had trouble installing Fieldrunners on a US Vita while still staying on firmware 2.61. (The PSN makes everything it can to get you to update to 3.00, and it seems some of the typical techniques involving a PS3 work fine on EU accounts, but not on US ones for some reason). Guides involving Charles proxy are already out there to tell you how to do this, but I’ll publish a summary of this asap.

As of this writing, Fieldrunners is still on the PSN, so grab it if you’re on 2.61 and if you want some VHBL joy. Please note that TN-V4 is said to be released sometimes soon, so you might also want to wait for a new exploit compatible with firmware 3.00 instead. The choice is yours (independently, Fieldrunners is a great PSP Mini)


You can Download VHBL for Fieldrunners here

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