FIFA 13: Screenshots And Trailer

August 17, 2012

Recently I discussed what I wanted from FIFA 13’s Ultimate Team mode, however since then we have seen some great FIFA screenshots and the official trailer which I have to share with you guys.

Football/Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so it is no surprise that FIFA is the world’s most popular sporting related video game. FIFA titles are released annually, which means it is important that their developers keep up to date with all the changes over the last year and with the new trailer and screenshots, I think we have an insight into the changes they might have made.We can’t dive into in-depth areas of the game, however the expected changes are apparently in the screenshots.  These changes include new kits, new teams and updated graphics and lighting within the gameplay itself.

What does the trailer show us though? With the life of the PS3 and 360 coming to and end, it would be unnecessary for EA to reconstruct the title like they did with FIFA 12, so what the trailer shows us is that FIFA 13 is basically a completed and perfected version of its predecessor. I’m not going to reveal anymore information about the following to you, just check out the video and screenshots below, as well as my latest FIFA video on my YouTube channel.

FIFA 13 Trailer. My YouTube Channel – Watch! Let me know your thoughts.

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