FIFA 13: Very Similar…But Very Different

September 15, 2012

There were several new features that were involved in FIFA 13, the most important of these being the first touch control, which is spectacularly frustrating but adds that extra realism because lets not forget, it is technically a simulation of football itself. The first touch control adds real skill to individual players, meaning that players in lower league won’t be making amazing touches, where as the likes of Messi and Ronaldo will be god like.

The demo doesn’t give much away, however the newly added skill games really add some great entertainment value to the title. Despite this, the game is very similar to its predecessor in the way that it plays, although it looks different, the game itself plays very similar to FIFA 12 and anyone who played the last game could most likely pick up a controller and be just as good. Regardless, this could be EA Sports last instalment of FIFA before the take over of next generation consoles and to be honest, I’m impressed.

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