Final Fantasy: Square Enix Decide Priorities

July 7, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII did okay…XIII-2? Not so great…XIII-3? Well, you can see where this is going.

It has become apparent from recent interviews with Square Enix, that they have sorted their priorities when discussing upcoming Final Fantasy titles. Final Fantasy X was a huge hit for Square Enix, it won awards for its in-depth story and well thought out characters but would you prioritise its HD release below XIII-3? I wouldn’t.

With Final Fantasy XIII-2 still fresh in our minds and still under fire from heavy criticism, I would release a beloved classic to take fans minds off the disappointment of XIII-2, before making any decisions about another sequel to the series.

However the point is that Square Enix have openly stated that plans for another entry to the XIII series is on the cards, whereas the Final Fantasy X HD remake intended for the PlayStation Store may have to wait.

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