Final Fantasy XIII-2 Plus DLC now Fixed for DEX

September 10, 2012

Just in time for the announcement of XIII-3, it seems the scene has come through for fans of Square Enix’s ridiculously popular RPG franchise. Coming at us from scene veterans N0DRMM, is a fix that not only allows for the full game to be played on hacked PS3s, but also every single DLC option as well. That being said, if you’re looking  to catch up before the next game in the long running series comes out, these wonderful coders are more than willing to give you the chance.

So what’s the catch? For now you’re going to need a DEX version PS3 with a 3.70 minimum to play the fixed content. That means those of you with CEX and CFWsystems are going to be left out in the rain for the moment, but the team readily stated that a fix for the more mass-consumed console options will be out on the interwebs before you know it. If you have a developer PS3 however, the installation instructions to get things   up and running are really quite simple according to my source.

Installation Instructions
Install 1.06 update
Install DLC links from PSN
Install DLC Fix for your GAMEID – Enjoy
Requires DEX 3.70 minimum – CFW 1.06 Fixed Update coming soon

Looks like all you DEX folks are going to have hours upon hours sucked away from your life in  the near future.


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