Final Fantasy XIII Versus Rumors Put To Bed

July 24, 2012

Recently rumors emerged about Final Fantasy XIII Versus being ditched. Well now more information has been released about this rumor, and this time it comes directly from Square Enix.

Following on from the unpopular rumor about the state of Final Fantasy XIII Versus’ future, Square Enix have made an important and reassuring announcement to their fans via Twitter.

Square Enix’s President Yoichi Wada composed a tweet to followers stating that the up and coming title being developed by the Kingdom Hearts team is in fact still in the mix. Not only did Mr. Wada tell fans that the game is still in development, but he also said weekly meetings about the future title are showing a greater progress than fans would believe.

This news is great for all Final Fantasy fans and really builds up lost hope about the title.  It also suggests real promise and hope for the rest of the XIII series.

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