Finnish man sentenced for PS3 fraud:

January 16, 2013

A man from Ivalo has been sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence and over 22 000 euros in damages after scamming a distributor out of 300 PS3 consoles, Finnish national public broadcaster Yle reports.

The 28-year old managed to order 300 PS3’s without payment from the distributor Nordisk Film in early 2011 by portraying as an employee of Elisa, a Finnish telecommunications company which also owns the retail chain Elisa Shopit. The man pulled his stunt off by leading the distributor to believe that he was ordering the consoles to an Elisa Shopit in Ivalo, while giving his home address as the delivery address.

A 58-year-old man was also fined for concealment after buying 14 consoles from the fraudster for a total of 2 600 euros. The man later sold five of the consoles for 270 euros each. According to the district court’s ruling, the man should have suspected the origin of the goods because of the consoles’ low price.

After receiving the consoles, the 28-year old then proceeded to sell them on the internet through channels such as, a popular Finnish online auction site. He managed to sell 89 consoles for a total of 15 000 euros. The police confiscated 211 of the consoles and returned them to Nordisk Film, although over 29 000 euros worth of property is still said to be unaccounted for.

The man was also found guilty of attempted fraud for trying to order a total of 305 PS3’s to four different Elisa Shopit -stores in Northern Finland while posing as the same Elisa employee.

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