Fix for Call of Duty MW3 1.21 Released

September 19, 2012

Custom firmware gamers were psyched when FckPSN put them back online just about a week ago. Still, as usual the developers must tie down our fun at some point. With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s 1.21 update, many of us were sent back to the confines of the single player experience screaming why oh why could such an awful thing happen to us. However, it hasn’t taken long for several different heroic groups from the scene to answer your cry. Today you’ll be getting back in the lobby to frag your friends once again with any number of recently surfaced fixes.

Of these patches, the one from Efrat Asraf makes it sound like the process is really quite simple. All it really involved was a simple edit of the pram.sfo to 1.21 and he was back online while using a custom firmware. Obviously however, he didn’t leave you hanging out to dry. He uploaded his fixed file to the source link. Additional patches such as one made by a hacker named harryoke which makes the process just as easy. For those that are hearing that call to duty once again, the good news is, this patch will put you back online (for now.)


Tags: call of duty modern warfare 3, CFW, fckpsn, PS3 Hacks

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