FIX Package Browser XMBM+ mod – Download Updatefixes Directly On Your PS3

October 11, 2012

MO3 has added FIX Package Browser into XMB Manager Plus (his v0.70 version needed), where you can download game fixes directly on your PS3 with one click. Thanks to the german TEAMChipweltmaxdata755 for the hosting, MO3 for the XMBM+ mod and everyone who has provided patched update fixes!



Installation instructions:

1. Install XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.70_Core.pkg
2. Install XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.70_Flash_Mod.pkg, launch the Installer on the XMB and follow the on-screen instructions
3. Install XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.71.pkg
4. Restart if FIX Package Browser does not appear

Source: Link #1 Link #2

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