Fix Update 4.21+ PKG Fixes 80010009 Error

December 5, 2012

While the 4.XX custom firmware experience is a pretty solid one when it comes to playing official games, there are a few times where installing updates for those titles might cause you a little bit of a headache. Namely, you just might receive an error code numbered at 80010009 that will prevent you from launching and playing the titles that you love so much. In recent versions of the multiMAN launcher this problem has been fixed, but PS3ITA would like to give users another .pkg related option should they not want to make the jump to a new multiMAN.

In terms of operation, the program actually runs quite easily. All you need to do is first boot your game with your installed version of multiMAN and allow the game to pass on through the update process as it has done in the past. More than likely you will be greeted with the error code and bring you back to the XMB. That’s when you’ll run Fix_Update_4.21+. After doing its thing you w ill once again be brought back to the home screen where you should now be able to launch everything like normal. For each update this  process should only have to be done once, and it works quite well. Should you be happy to stick to one version of multiMAN  or maybe certain game updates don’t work for you, this might be a good alternate solution.


Tags: CFW, multiMAN, PS3 Hacks

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