Fixed Mass Effect 3 DLC Pack Released

September 1, 2012

As if all of these recent patch and fix releases haven’t been enough for you to handle, I have some additional PS3 scene news that is sure to get you all excited. If you’ve been a fan of the Mass Effect series but have yet to play any of the most recent DLC due to your love for sticking it to the man, you’re in luck. With a new combined DLC release package from a slew of community favorites like propJOE and EXEtrimalll, you’re going to have a whole lot more shoot-em up action in your future.


Included within this collection of content is just about everything that a Mass Effect fan could want. Take a look at the full release log:

MASS EFFECT 3: ALLDLC PACK (BLUS30853) release by EXEtrimALL & propJOE
Singleplayer DLC: From Ashes, Leviathan, Firefight Pack, N7 Collector’s Edition Pack, N7 Warfare Gear, M-55 Argus (also included in Leviathan), AT-12 Raider and M-90 Indra (included in Leviathan and Firefight Pack) Extended Cut Free (must be downloaded and installed separately) Multiplayer DLC: Online Pass (not tested), Resurgence Map Pack Free.

Credit to **WITHHELD** & **WITHHELD** for sharing Leviathan and other DLCs.
Credit to EXEtrimALL friend for sharing Firefight Pack.
Special thanks to my man omnikuuga as always.

With all of those added missions and maps, I expect you won’t be leaving your TV set for quite some time. Unfortunately for you guys, we won’t be posting a direct link to this for legal reasons, but if you know where any of the mentioned developers like to hang out, an interested party should be able to locate it. Thanks to these guys for finally giving this community the fullest final Mass Effect experience that we can possibly have. Enjoy the extra fun everyone!


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