Fixes In This One: Universal Media Server 2.5.2 & Released

March 20, 2013

SubJunk and the rest of the team behind Universal Media Server has released not one, but two new versions of the media streaming application this week. Both releases focus on providing bugfixes for users across the board, as well as the usual set of improvements. If you’ve been experiencing startup errors or just want to be on the cutting edge, you’ll want to pick this up. Check out the changes below:

  • General:
    • Fixed the startup error introduced in 2.5.2


  • General:

    • Offer to automatically update Java on Windows from 6 to 7
    • Fixed library updating with cache enabled
    • Made detection of network speed more accurate (thanks, ExSport!)
    • Library scanning interface improvements
    • Set a higher maximum memory by default via the Windows installer for computers with 4GB+ of RAM

You can download the latest version of Universal Media Server for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX* below.

Download: Universal Media Server [Windows | Linux]

Source: Universal Media Server

* The OSX version of UMS still has not been released yet.

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