flat_Z Updates pfdtool & sfopatcher From Save Game Tools

December 16, 2012

For those making use of flat_z’s Save Game Tools, there’s a new update to the ‘pfdtool’ and ‘sfopatcher’ tools. The Save Game Tools allows you to perform a number of  tasks related to save game manipulation such as decryption and encryption as well as the resigning of SFO files. Take a look at what’s changed between both tools since we last covered it.

pfdtool 0.2.3

  • Added an option to specify the relative offset to advance each time while bruteforcing a secure file ID.

sfopatcher 0.2.0

  • Now the tool doesn’t copy PARAMS and SAVEDATA_DIRECTORY parameters. Use new options if you want them.

pfdtool 0.2.2

  • Now encrypt and decrypt operations update hashes automatically (be sure to use all keys!).
  • Fixed another issue with the file size of modified files.
  • Removed a verbose flag because it is not used at the moment.

pfdtool 0.2.1

  • Fixed issues with the file size.

pfdtool 0.2.0

  • Support of PARAM.PFD for trophies (without keys, of course).
  • Support of PARAM.PFD v4 which used in a newer SDK.
  • Fixed a bug with verify operation on signature hashes.
  • Now you can use a list of product codes delimeted by ‘/’ (slash), for example: [BLUS31142/BLES01403], they should use the same disc hash key and secure file IDs.
  • Show an information about .PFD type and version.

You can download the updated tools from below. If you are using them as part of the Save Game Tools package, just overwrite the previous files in the directory

Download: pfdtool 0.2.3 + sfopatcher 0.2.0

Source: @flat_z

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