Follow Up With ThatOtherPerson. PSX-Scene November Contest Runner Up

December 5, 2011

ThatOtherPerson has been consistently submitting quality games for the PSX-Scene Monthly Contests. He always does well in the voting so I must not be the only one who enjoys his submissions. ThatOtherPerson took a few minutes away from his homebrew development to answer a few questions about his thoughts on the contest and future projects.
Last month you had issued a request to the scene to try and get some more homebrew development in the works. Have you received any feedback about that request? Are you noticing more devs stepping up or is it still the same old same old?

It seems like it’s mostly the same old same old. There where more participants in the contest this month but I don’t think I can take any credit for that and it still doesn’t seem like there is anyone else making original games for PS3. I was half expecting there to at least be mods or reskins of They Do Not Die 2 by now. But I did get a couple emails from people thanking me for the source code so that was nice. Hopefully there are people working on homebrew that just aren’t ready to post it yet.

Besides your submissions were there any other projects in this month’s contest that you really enjoyed?

I haven’t tried any of them yet. They all seem useful though especially ONE. There are a few PSX games that I’ve been wanting to play.

Are you surprised by the amount of support your projects consistently receive from readers whether it’s comments they make or likes you receive for your entries.

Yeah. I still firmly believe that my games mostly suck. But then the lack of homebrew games on PS3 means that they don’t have much to compete with.

Will you be continuing to submit projects for future contests and do you have anything new in store for December?

Definitely and I have a lot of stuff planned for December. I’ve already begun porting almost all of my 3D Wii stuff. Cylinder Dodge has already been posted.

Thanks to ThatOtherPerson for the great work and be sure to check out Swingball 2 v0.3 and his other games if you haven’t done so yet.

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